Bonnet Liners

Made of 1/4 inch vinyl nitrile closed cell foam rubber, these hood liners add a much cleaner look to your engine compartment. They hold up to water, antifreeze, oil, petrol and mildew much better then OEM pads. They are light, about 11 ounces on average, are fire retardant and insulate against sound and heat. For select MG, Triumph, Alfa Romeo Porsche, BMW and VW

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I found this material 10 years ago and put it on my own Porsche 928. It was developed for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads and is FAA approved for aircraft.

It holds up well, much better than the OEM hood pads, keeps the exterior of the hood cool and will not reflect engine heat back down toward your intake.

You can wash the liner and hose it off. Its extremely light and unlike the factory liner will not absorb water and resists mildew.

It has a closed cell texture on one side and a smooth finish on the other. Most liners are symmetrical and can be mounted with either side facing the engine. A decal can be adhered to the smooth finish side only. The color is black.