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What is the best way to contact you if I have questions?

eMail is the best way to contact me. info@classic9leathershop.com. I do my best to answer emails within 2 business days.

What is the lead time?

Bonnet liners, screws, nut bolt sets, decals and signs usually ship within 3 business days.

What about leather work and carpet lead time?

Lead times vary according to seasons and extent of the project. In general  about 4 weeks for carpet, leather or vinyl covers and kits that are not installed on panels, 4 - 5 weeks for repairing and wrapping dash boards and other panels.  Winter through spring is exceptionally busy with lead times running as long as 6 - 8 weeks. There may be additional delays when materials come from Europe,

Is there any way to get a project done faster?

I work on orders according to when the order is received and deposit is paid. To move any order ahead of another is not fair to the customers who have already placed orders. We're a small shop doing mostly one off specialty items and repairs for a world wide market.

Do you have any upholstery or leather items that are already made and ready to ship?

No. All upholstery items are made to order. The variences in materials and color make this impractical.

Do you make all your own leather and carpet products or buy them from a wholesaler?

All my leather, vinyl, and carpet products are made by us using our own patterns. The patterns are made using the actual panel or part and follow the factory style.

Do you stock any dash boards, consoles, steering wheels, etc that you can repair and/or reupholster and send me so I don't have to send mine until I receive the newly recovered one?

In the industry this is known as exchanging or supplying a "core". No. I don't stock any cores. Often good cores can be found on eBay, or a wrecking yard.

Do you know of any wrecking yards that have Porsche interior parts?

928 International, DC Automotive, LA Autodismantlers, Euro Parts, Parts Heaven, 20th Street Auto Parts are some. Also try Car-Parts.Com.

What are your business hours?

Monday thru Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Evenings and weekends are reserved for family, friends, and relaxation.

Where is your shop?

I work out of my own garage at 7250 Drexel Street Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127 and a share a larger commercial facility at 2801 South Beech Daly Road, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48125.

How many employess do you have?

Including myself, four full time and one part time.

Can I come by and see you facilities and/or look at samples?

Yes. I'm available during regular business hours. Since I'm often between shops, please contact me ahead of time.

Can I bring or ship my car to your shop and have you do the work there?

Yes. The larger facility on Beech Daly Road has room for about a dozen cars. Your car will be kept inside the shop thoughout its stay with us. The shop is heated and has the latest modern, monitored, secuity system including cameras.

When is the best time to bring my car for a full interior project and how long will it take?

A full interior project can take from two to four months. Most customers will bring or deliver the car to us in the fall, and pick it up in the spring.

Why so long?

Quality work takes time and there's always glitches---missing parts, broken plastic, broken switches, hidden damage, material shortages, back orders, varying dye lots---just to name a few. When Porsche fabricated and installed interiors in the 60s through the early 90s it was done by hand using their best people, tools, jigs, materials, and processes they had developed over decades. I'm sure their budget was also considerable. We do our best to duplicate all that Porsche had and did, but in the end, I have to admit we are not the Porsche factory.