928 Floor Carpet Set

Porsche 928 Floor Carpet Set for Small Amp ('78-'84.5), Big Amp ('84.5+), or Airbag (91+ when equipped) cars for us to professionally install in our shop, or your local upholsterer to install.

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  • 928 Floor Carpet Set - Professional installation is highly recommended 

    These replace the floor carpets only. 4 pieces, in front of the front and rear seats. These are glued to the floor, and they are not floor MATS. 

    More likely than not, you are going to go with OEM options to match your car which are; Sliverknit Carpet, Vinyl Binding, and Dotted Jute Backing. Otherwise, here are some explanations of the materials.


    Sliverknit is the OEM style of carpet. Colors are manufactured to match original specs. It looks good and is easy to install. Squareweave is a classic, more sophisticated look. Tough to clean depending on the color, but it lasts a really long time given its design. Goes well with leather or cloth binding. Spectropile is a more resilient material. Easy to clean, doesn't pill up when it gets dirty like Sliverknit. It does have a bit of a plastic feel to it though, and most importantly, doesn't come in OEM colors. some colors are generally close (dark blue spectropile looks good in a car that came with dark blue sliverknit) but they aren't matching colors.


    Dotted Jute backing is the OEM equivalent. a bit outdated design material wise, but its the "right" stuff. We also have a modern rubberized backing, which is a grippy rubber that has less chance of sliding around, and it's a bit lighter too. Not that this is only on the floor carpets of the car. 


    Vinyl Binding is what was usually OEM. It's a durable option with no real downside. Leather was an option of some sort, but pretty uncommon. Its a really nice touch, getting you the most style points, but is susceptible to scuffing and water damage, as all leather is. Cloth is an old school option that was used on 356s. Stylistically, this option is probably a personal preference. It is more durable than vinyl or leather, and has no real downside. Its just a somewhat unusual material to see in a 928. 

    Use the drop down menu to choose the correct version. 

    Lead time on carpets is 4-5 weeks. If you're looking to have it installed in our shop, please give a call/email ahead of time to work out details.  When choosing for us to match your color the lead time starts when the match is approved. Note that the longest lead time in your cart is what we will use for your entire order.