911 "Frunk" Kit - Carpet - '86+

Porsche 911 (OEM in '86+) Carpet Frunk Kit for us to professionally install in our shop, or your local upholsterer to install.

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  • 911 "Frunk" Kit - Carpet - '86+

    An OEM option material was Sliverknit. There is an extra hole required for cars with the High Intensity Washer option (extra fluid reservoir), make sure to choose the correct option. This doesn't come as part of a full carpet kit, so you need to order separately if you want this. Use the drop down menu to choose the correct version.

    Lead time on covers is 4 weeks, and add a week or two for cover installation. When choosing for us to match your color the lead time starts when the match is approved. Note that the longest lead time in your cart is what we will use for your entire order.