Shipping FAQs

The dash board is over 4 feet long. How should I pack it?

For 911 dash boards get two "Lamp" boxes from a Uhaul moving supply store. Wrap the dash in bubble wrap or other suitable packing material. Put the dash in one box, slide the second box over the first and tape them together.

For Larger dashboards (924, 944/968, 928, etc.) get two "Utility" boxes.

Please be certain to use enough packing supplies, as we often have dashboards show up with crushed ends when not packed properly.

What is your shipping address?

Ship to 2801 South Beech Daly Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125. Include your Bill/Invoice/PO or at least a Quote..

Which Shipping company should I use?

Fed Ex, UPS, or US Postal Service. Freight shipping with carriers such as ArcBest Freight can also be economic when shipping seats or large shipments with multiple interior pieces.
This is a commercial address with a forklift. Deliveries accepted  Mon - Fri, 9 - 5 Eastern Time.

How should I pack the seats?
Use a Uhaul Wardrobe box for each seat.

Which shipping company should I use for seats?

Options available. We seem to have U the best luck with Freight companies, as far as cost . We most often use ArcBest Freight, however, sometimes standard shippers are comparable in price as well, so its really up to you.

How do you ship back to me?

Most often by Fed Ex ground or Fed Ex Home Delivery for average sized items. The US Postal Service for small and international items. ArcBest Freight for seats or large orders when appropriate.