Color Matching

Summary: For best results, request samples or send in a sample to us! We do trust a lot of our color options, but we offer the service as part of doing business with us so we always suggest it since it helps everyone be certain.

Samples are always available on request, but if we don't have a match or you aren't sure what color your interior material is, sending us a sample to match is a quicker and easier option. We would rather not have requests like "send me all your greys," as there are tons of options available to us through our suppliers. Frankly, ts just not that reasonable of a request.

You will often see the comment, "Sample needed," next to color selections on our drop down charts. That is for the reasons explained below, we either don't have a match to the color, or haven't yet been able to thoroughly verify a color matches we've done for product sales use.

Some colors are produced as manufactured Porsche colors, and these are what you often find on the internet when searching for you cars interior color. We use these leathers, and they are often adequate for the job, however, they do fall short sometimes. 

First off, there are only so many colors being reproduced. Economically, the leathers need to be in enough demand for the manufacturer to be profitable. This leads to a lack of the more unusual colors (grayish green, carrera grey, etc.) available from these manufacturers as not many people buying. Also, the record keeping of Porsche back in the day was nothing to be envied. Many colors have jumbled names from translations (i.e. Raspberry), or hand-me-down names when colors actually changed (i.e. Champagne).

Another point to be made is that more often than not, your car no longer is the original color. Classic Porsches, after 20-40 years, have lived through a lot. The dyes in the leather and leatherettes are often faded and bleached to varying degrees depending on the climate the car was in, and the type of driving it saw over its years and owners. If you are just swapping the seats covers, for example, the original color might well stand out in the rest of the interior.  

Its not always, but sometimes there are better options out there than just what is manufactured as a certain color. We have started our own color matching list, including leathers we've found match better, or that don't have manufactured matches, that is growing with every new job. Colors like Mahogany, Grayish-Green, and more are matches we've made recently, that aren't usually offered by others.