928 Dashboard Cover

Porsche 928 Dashboard Cover for us to professionally install in our shop, or your local upholsterer to install.

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  • 928 Dashboard Cover - Professional installation is highly recommended

    We can do this cover in one piece if it is vinyl, to keep it as OEM as possible, but it is difficult to do. If not experienced we strongly suggest getting a kit with seams. The leather version of this dashboard needs to have seams, which match the OEM leather style. For Non-Airbag Dashes, when changing a vinyl dash to leather, you will need to use the OEM dash defroster vents. These are tough to come by so try and secure them prior to ordering. If you are keeping it vinyl, your dash vent holes need to be in decent condition for us to be able to wrap the vinyl into them.

    This does include the glovebox door, for the non-airbag cars. Please do not send a dash without the glovebox door.

    Use the drop down menu to choose the correct options. If you aren't sure, or want to get some samples from us, find a "Samples" button to take you to our sample page, and follow the prompts.

    It is best to do the Center Console and the Door Main Armrest covers when you do the dashboard. They all meet up together and any difference in the materials age will be more apparent.

    Lead time on covers is 3 weeks, and add a week or two for cover installation. When choosing for us to match your color the lead time starts when the match is approved. Note that the longest lead time in your cart is what we will use for your entire order.