928 Armrest Support Bracket Set

Porsche 928 Armrest Support Bracket Set to reattach armrests with broken mounting tabs
  • 928 Armrest Support Bracket Set - Both Driver and Passenger sides

    The armrest of you 928 weren't designed in the most robust way. These brackets help securely reattach you 928 armrests onto the door, which is an extremely common issue in these cars. As the plastic in these cars ages it gets more and more brittle, and more likely to break if it hasn't already. 

    After selling the brackets existing on the market for years, we've been able to work out a few better ways to get this job done. These are our own version with all the improvements we could think of. Laser cut from Stainless Steel, they have a quality look and long lasting durability. Along with all necessary hardware, there is a quick write up on how to install these. A drill and hand tools are all that's needed to install these. We highly suggest using the riveting method if you have the tools available.

    Are we already doing work on your armrests in our shop? We can install them since its all here, just select below.

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