928 Door Inserts

Porsche 928 Door Inserts without ('78-'84.5) or with ('84.5+) border, or in cloth,made in our shop.

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  • 928 Door Inserts - Both Driver and Passenger sides

    These are finished parts, we aren't recovering your cores. Second photo shows an original Porshce vs. our replacemnet.

    A whole new set of inserts, ready to install. No re-wrapping your old ones, just pop them out and pop these in. Early cars ('78- roughly '84.5) didn't have a seam border along the edges, though if you like the look, feel free to order it. Boards are made from the a black board material right now, as a board that is stiff enough for the job and soft enough for the sewing needle has been tough to find in something that looks like the original material. The black board is water-resistant as well, making a better material in the end. Use the drop down menu to choose the correct version.

    New clips for installation are included!

    Lead time on covers is 3 weeks. When choosing for us to match your color the lead time starts when the match is approved. Note that the longest lead time in your cart is what we will use for your entire order.